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Travel and Stay for Months

Travel, visit delightful places, enjoy favorite activities and meet interesting people. For many readers the plan will be driven by desire for a comfortable temperature. Good thinking, and applicable both summer and winter. Stay for a while, be a snowbird if you can. Either way, plan to increase your enjoyment.

This book is all about delightful places and favorite activities, and how to identify a place that will fit your preferences. For a short or long term stay, it's best to know in advance that a location will meet your expectations.

Here's a tale from one who has spent 16 years, winter and summer, at US and Canadian resort towns, who relates how to plan, then experience your favorite interests and activities, in appealing communities.

My traveling friends agree that, in addition to temperature, the big three to seek out for a pleasant long, or short, stay are:

A locale that provides activities and geography to fit your life style.
A community that allows you to meet and associate with people of your choice, or provide solitude when you seek it.
A specific rental housing unit that meets your life style and budget.

This book addresses the big three, with personal illustrations and examples, to:    

  •  ·         Describe desirable winter and summer destinations, their characteristics and features. Think resort communities.
  • ·         Identify your unique life style values, interests, and expectations; because a destination community, and rental unit, must provide them
  • Locate both community and rental unit that correspond to your interests. Hint: the internet can be your ally, but locals know best.

Long-term visits differ in some ways from vacation weeks; both in lining up a place to stay, and finding the neat activities and attractions that weren't on the marquee, when you arrive. This book will provide tips to add value to your stay.

Find the book at https://www.amazon.com/Everybodys-Got-Somewhere-Travel-Months-ebook/dp/B07996MQ54/